EMAS creates resource packs for:

  • religious and national or cultural celebrations cross cultural packs
  • British festivals and traditions and National Days
  • ‘Language of the Half Term’ packs
  • Emma the EMAS Bear’s travels around the world display packs
  • famous scientists, authors, mathematicians and artists with representatives from around the world

We also produce information¬†explaining developmental features and transference errors from the city’s languages. Our guidance materials for schools includes advice on working with Roma pupils, Muslim pupils, supporting grammar and helping unaccompanied asylum seeking children and refugees access education.

In addition,¬†we produce a multitude of classroom curriculum resources in our community languages, including word mats and glossaries, posters, signs, letters home, advice and guidance for parents. Finally, our library of bilingual literature and reference books is available for schools to access and we hold a bank of well-stocked resource boxes for ‘hands on’ curriculum enhancement.

Three short films of how to access some of our newest electronic resources follow:

For Primary Teachers


For Secondary Teachers


For EMAS Co-ordinators


Please contact us if you have any resource requirements.