Bilingual support

Our team of highly-skilled Bilingual Learning Assistants support in 20+ community languages across Portsmouth schools. The team work in class, alongside pupils to ensure curriculum access, provide timely feedback to teachers about progress, and liaise with parents/carers to ensure pupils succeed in school. In addition, they provide invaluable, first language support for EAL Portsmouth’s wide range of holistic and diagnostic assessments.

Finally, our well-trained and experienced team support secondary schools through our Community Language GCSE offer. This comprises:

  • An early review of a pupil’s written papers to assess suitability for entry into the exam
  • Two preparatory sessions with the pupil to practice the oral component in the weeks leading up to the exam
  • The oral examination itself

To ensure best practice, we will not ask our BLAs to only carry out the oral examination. This package costs £230.

Please contact Ruth Nabholz-Duncan to arrange BLA support for your school.