Community Language GCSEs

Karen and Ruth have been busy updating the Community Languages GCSE guidance and we would like to invite secondary colleagues to the EMAS Training Room at the Civic Offices on Tuesday 10th December, from 4-5pm to share this with you.
This will be an informal get-together to help smooth out the GCSE work in your schools. As such, we will discuss the process from start to finish and facilitate sharing the accrued wisdom and expertise from among you all and do our best to answer your questions.
Everyone is welcome and you may like to also invite your Exam Officer and/or MFL Department to the meeting as well. Please let us know if you can make it (for biscuit purposes!)
For interest, here is some information about GCSE results in 2019, supported by EMAS. 59 pupils were assessed, supported and had their GCSE oral exam carried out by the BLAs last year (compared to 48 in the whole of Hampshire!), with some excellent results.

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