EMAS conference 21st May 2019

The line-up for our annual EMAS conference, which takes place on the afternoon of Tuesday 21st May at the Marriott Hotel, North Harbour, has been announced. This year the theme is ‘My Word! Vocabulary matters’. We are pleased to welcome Hamish Chalmers as our keynote speaker. Hamish is Departmental Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition at the University of Oxford and also Vice Chair of the UK’s National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum (NALDIC). He will be followed by Manny Vazquez, who will give a more operational perspective. Manny is an EAL Adviser as well as a part-time English teacher in an inner- London secondary and always shares a huge amount of ideas and strategies (if you can keep up with him!) After coffee and cakes, there will be a choice of two workshops, one with some very interesting local input from St. Swithun’s Primary, who will talk about a whole-school approach that they have recently undertaken. We also have a hands-on session from the National Theatre and their ‘Let’s Play’ work, which has a heavy focus on literacy and oracy in its fun cross-curricular resources. Contact us to book at £100 per delegate.

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